Mediterranean diet and organic extra virgin olive and PDO oil


100% Italian extra virgin olive oilCold pressed with the Pieralisi Leopard system, which preserves more antioxidants, beneficial for the human body and essential for good conservation of the oil.


We show that we love the earth and have grown together for over 40 years. We founded the Agricultural Cooperative “Nuovo Cilento” in 1976 in San Mauro Cilento.
We founded the Agricultural Cooperative “Nuovo Cilento” in 1976 in San Mauro Cilento. Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park.

Strengths of our agricultural cooperative are:

Deep attention to consumers, to whom we dedicate continuous courses (also on request) of sensorial education for the recognition of the quality of oils and other products;
the cultivation methods, that regenerate the life of the soil: the composting of production residues (pomace, manure, branches, leaves …), the roller crimper lodging of herbs for the creation of a fertile bedding, the creation of biofertilizers, the sowing of legumes and grasses, the ecological use of zeolite, lime, copper, sulfur for an effective defense against harmful insects;
technological innovation for the respect for the life of the earth and for the safety of work in the hills and mountains (radio-controlled tractor with shaker, cutter bar, roller crimper, disc plow …)
the oil mill, at the forefront in Italy for technologies that allow the coldest production of extra virgin olive oil with a very high concentration of antioxidants (polyphenols, vitamin E, …,), which are certified on the label.
More antioxidants thanks to the replacement of the old kneading system with the absolute novelty of a protoreactor for a respectful separation of the integral characteristics of the oil molecules from the olive paste. For this reason we use a Leopard series decanter, which combines the qualities of processing without adding water, complete and ultra-hygienic separation of each batch from the previous one, energy saving, reuse of production waste for human food (pate) and animal, for soil fertilization (compost) and for transformation in biogas plants.

Our oil mill is worth a visit, especially during the processing periods. We are waiting for you.

“I came to Pioppi, in Cilento, to live 20 years longer. Here I have a vegetable garden and olive trees outside my home, homemade bread, fresh fish every morning. ” – Ancel Keys

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