The “Nuovo Cilento” Agricultural Cooperative was founded in 1976 in San Mauro Cilento.
Its 360 members cultivate 2500 hectares of land in the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park. The “Nuovo Cilento” Agricultural Cooperative participates in Coop. Alleanza 3.0 projects, and is registered with the Legacoop Campania.



“Nuovo Cilento” protects the olive trees that for centuries have characterized a hilly and mountainous agricultural landscape, as intact and suggestive as it is difficult to cultivate. Salella, Rotondella, White Olive, Pisciottana, Frantoio have proven to be the most suitable species for the local ecosystem, in the natural selection process. They have four advantageous characteristics:

– Greater resistance to parasites;
– Greater resistance to drought;
– An easier mechanized collection (especially the Salella);
– A greater presence of antioxidants in the plant, in the fruits and in the oil: a precious, specific response of the olive trees to the hilly and mountain environment of the Park.



The Nuovo Cilento Cooperative occupies a leading position in Italy in the protection of biodiversity, in organic certification and in the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP Cilento). In fact, it was the first to obtain organic and DOP certifications for olive oil in Campania and actively collaborated to obtain the DOP for the Cilento White Fig, for the Slow Food presidium of the “Salella Ammaccata” olive.

In addition, the cooperative helps individual producer members of local biodiversity, protected by Slow Food and the Cilento PDO. Therefore, it puts in its commercial network the white figs of Cilento, the “Salelle Ammaccate” olives, the Controne beans, the chickpeas of Cicerale, the anchovies of “Menaica”, the soppressata (salami) from Gioi, various types of honey, organic and DOP Cilento wines, ancient grains (Carosella, Senatore Cappelli, Saravolla, Gentilrosso).

Our commitment gave us the chance to restructure our oil mill only with our own strength, without any state or regional help, and to become the most important olive-processing center in Campania, both for quality (DOP, organic), and for quantity.

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