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The mill of the Nuovo Cilento Cooperative makes use of the Pieralisi Leopard extraction system, which preserves more antioxidants in the oil, good for for the human body and essential for correct product conservation.
Today this mill is the most important in the region for the quantity and quality of the milled olives.
The innovative technologies of the social oil mill allow you to use the waters of the olives themselves (very rich in antioxidants) in the extraction phase in the decanter. Thus the polyphenols and vitamin E remain more in the oil, which is healthier, with higher values of both fruity taste and of bitter and spicy.

We certify the antioxidants on the label: this makes us unique.

Pieralisi Leopard DMF8 extraction system

  • Multi-functionality;
  • Versatility towards all types of olives
  • Easy and effective washing in every batch: excellent for organic and PDO;
  • Better preservation in oil of the antioxidants, which are abundant in olive vegetation water that is used in centrifugation.

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